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“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle

Can you think of a smart connection between the German Colonial Empire, comics, Lego, policy at the working environment and a little chicken? I’m sure you imagine something weird. However, a group of 14 adults was busy with this list of topics during very intensive training sessions in Berlin at the end of November.

Berlin welcomed guests from north and south of Europe with cold weather, festive treats and Christmas markets. The group was also warmed up by the intensive exchange of ideas, thoughts and practices each partner brought to the training sessions.

Linguistic Landscape Research training by the University of Thessaly made participants have a different look at the signs on the street. Art and Comics workshops brought by the group from the University of Eastern Finland awakened our imagination while working on linguistic insecurity cases and feelings. Many of us touched Lego bricks transported in a 15kg suitcase from Italy by the ASNOR team for the first time, especially in the context of metaphorical play to describe our communication issues. The group also explored the World Cafe methodology facilitated by CRN to discuss challenges International talents and employers face at the times of job search. Koopkultur team presented a multilingual story demonstrating the power of language knowledge and group work that can help bring people together and learn efficiently. It was also great to brainstorm about ways we can create a multilingual-friendly and inclusive working and learning environment.

Please stay tuned to discover more details about these sessions!


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