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We did it! LangWork publications about translanguaging practices are out

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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After 2 years of intensive work, we're happy to share the results

Dear Followers,

As the project coordinator, I am pleased to announce that the LangWork team has published all project publications. You will find them on our website, under the 'resources' tab. Take a look!

In addition to four planned results, we're also providing you with two additional ones. Here's what's available:

Result 1: the research paper about translanguaging practices

The result no. 1 is a working paper, based on research activities completed by the partners. This paper is an overview of pedagogical translanguaging practices for education as a workplace. We are on the lookout for tools that increase language aware communication and help build a culture of respect for multilingual participants.

Click here to read a summary

Download PDF • 243KB

Result 2: Handbook: International Talents in Education

The contributions to this handbook aim at throwing light on the situation of international talents who are working, or seeking work, in the educational sector, their trajectories, assets and educational practices. More importantly, they offer tools and recommendations for employers and other decision-makers designed to facilitate their employment and promote a supportive work environment.

3 LangWork handbook summary
Download PDF • 641KB

Result 3: Digital Toolkit: Inclusive Career Guidance for International Talents

In part 1, the toolkit introduces career guidance policies and projects in partner countries. In part 2, the toolkit presents activities and frameworks, such as Lego Serious Play, ikigai and personal branding.

Result 4: Online course: Overcoming Language Barriers in Education

The online course is a resource for students of languages or teacher education. It presents the concepts and frameworks at the core of this project. The course is also meant for other professionals who are responsible for workplace integration of international talents

Additional results

Practice catalogue an edited collection of practices collected during research activities. Take a look to find inspiration for your workplace, or to get extra context concerning our working paper.

Language user's portfolio a reflective activity for language learners. Fill out the portfolio to reflect on your language learning journey. You may attach it to your job application to showcase your specific skills and traits.

Lego Serious Play for multilingual strategy development a concise manual introducing the Lego Serious Play method, with activities developed to help you come with an action plan that will improve the communication at your organization.

We hope that our publications will support your work, and inspire new inclusive workplace initiatives. Please let us know which methods you're planning to use. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about multilingual practices and building linguistic cohesion.

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